Manage University Better With University/Campus Automation System

Using College management system, university management system, or University College Automation it is easy to monitor various departments and library.

University/Campus Automation System

Product Overview: University/Campus Automation System

There has been a paradigm shift in the university education system and in order to make the process of planning and the execution faster, automation is quite crucial. Information technology has taken several strides forward and can be instrumental in improving the university system and making every process of the system automated, fast and effective. In keeping with this line of thought, GATT has build automation systems for universities and other organizations that can help them automate all of their processes, ranging from exam conduction to fund utilization monitoring etc.

Depending on the requirements and range of processes to be automated, there are four University/Campus/organization automation systems to choose from:


GATT U-Governance
Administration is a very crucial component of a university and has to be really efficient, especially in these changing scenarios of education. Information technology has been instrumental in making many systems automated and university administration is one of them.
GATT U-Governance is a web enabled management information system that has the potential to automate every process of a modern university. The system is browser based and follows a multi-tier architecture in order to allow multi-department system handling.


GATT C-Governance
GATT C-Governance is a web enabled management information system built to handle the automation of every operation of a modern campus/university. The system has the capacity to handle multiple institutes as well as multiple departments.
Using this user-friendly browser based system; it becomes easy to maintain transaction logs, monitor funds, customize reports and sharing of information across different locations.

GATT M-Governance
GATT M-Governance is essentially an application software solution that is workflow based. It is designed for medical universities and facilitates paperless administration by digitizing and automating all processes.
The software helps to manage human resource, inventory, library and other departments effectively. As the system has a document flow module, it also makes it easy to handle online requests, bills, advances, and approval of leaves etc.

GATT R-Governance
GATT R-Governance is designed for government organizations in order to help them integrate their internal processes with the external ones. The system can handle processes including but not limited to procurements, accounts, payroll, pensions, tour sanctions, reimbursements, provident fund etc.
The benefits of the system comprise easy report generation, single window approach, fast disbursal of payments and many others.

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