Use the school management software to monitor the admission process, extra-curricular activities, attendance, and communication between teachers and students

School Management System Software

Advanced and organised online school management system

GA Technocare Technology has crafted a school management system to facilitate educational institutes with automated management of attendance, activities, hostels, admissions and many more such features. Suppose a school or a college with staff, teachers, and students from various standards and sections. Can you guess the amount of information one has to store, append, and access every single day? No. But with school software, every single task becomes easier to carry out. With the facility to carry out in a single click, saves a lot of time whereas the organised storage makes it easier to carry out searches.

The student management system Software is equipped with tools to record the personal information of students, mark the attendance, generate roll numbers, ID cards, and certificates, maintain student’s diary, and track their activities. It also helps them to keep track of activities of the staff. Not only this, but authorities can manage the library as well as the hostels. Just imagine, everything managed in a single click by school management system software. The system is not only time-saving but assures that records are safe from destruction. Moreover, its feature to share notifications makes communication easier.

Features of the software:

  • Recording information of the teachers
  • Freeze and unfreeze the employee’s access based on his/her job status
  • Attendance marking
  • Admission process regulation
  • Extra-curricular activity management
  • Library records management
  • Books inventory management
  • Hostel accommodation management
  • Inquiry processing
  • Roll number and ID card allocation
  • Certificate generation
  • Notice-board communication
  • Teachers can fill in the diary whereas students and parent can regularly check the updates

There are many more features in the online school management system. GA Technocare Technology has a team of certified engineers who have considered all the aspects of a school or college while developing the magical software. The school management software keeps the data stored in a centralised format and offers authorized accessibility to the students, teachers, and parents. The web-based system has its perks in term of 24*7 accessibility and data monitoring. Thus, helping the institutes in cultivating more time into educational variance rather than data maintenance.

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