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Medical Billing Services

End-to-end and efficient medical billing solutions to increase revenue

Optimizing the medical billing process is the prime focus of healthcare service providers across the world. While providing healthcare facilities, all you need is a company that can offer medical billing solutions, you can rely on. A billing solution must assist the requirements of the HIPPA and help the healthcare providers with time-efficient solutions so that they can concentrate more on treating their patients. As a company providing billing services, we make the complex task of collection automated, fun and far easier.

We help in revenue generation by acting as an arbitrator between insurance companies and healthcare providers so that your staff can make the best out of the productive hours. Our trained and skilled team of coordinators works efficiently round the clock to provide quality services and the accurate end results so that probability of losses can be reduced and previous ones can be compensated.

We offer:

  • Medical coding: It refers to the creation of patients records, billing invoices and moving ahead with payments to the doctors.

  • Billing and collection: We maintain the records of all payments and purchases to ensure that revenue calculation becomes easier.

  • Entry fee charges: This step is crucial and given more importance to making sure that the clean invoice is generated to the payee.

  • Records indexing: As by the law, a history of all patients must be registered in the records. We make sure that every record is digitalized and safe.

  • Digitization of records: We provide efficient solutions to convert all the records in the digital form with only authorized access to the data.

  • Payment posting: We address this stage by providing a high-end solution to meet the requirements and industry guidelines for the entire process.

  • Insurance claim procedure: Our services include this vertical and help the payer to claim the medical insurance at an affordable cost.

  • Revenue cycle management: Our team of experts offers a helping hand in guiding the administration process and also keeps a keen eye on the reimbursement procedure.

  • Follow-ups with the claims: This is a tricky and time-consuming task that our team can efficiently carry out helping you to devote your entire time in the service of your patients.

GA Technocare Technology offers efficient medical billing solutions that drive efficient results, hold the records of patients and purchases, keep the records safe, communicate and claim the reimbursements, and make the entire administration process free from nuisance. Thus, saving your valuable time so that your team can work without distractions and more revenue can be generated.

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