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Using Enterprise Resource Planning Software that is also known as ERP solutions, ERP software systems, ERP services, ERP software service, you can track invoices and payments, store documents online, observe performance of employees, create payroll, build better relations with customers, and track stock.

Enterprise Resource Management Software

Automated and streamlined enterprise planning software

The main attribute of any business involves resource planning which is harder to carry out than said. The enterprise resource management software is a knight that can multi-task and help in carrying out many functions in an organised manner. Every business involves accounting which is risky with human inetrvention. However, if the same is computed by the ERP software not only eliminates the chances of errors but also provides with accurate end results.

The ERP system software comes with the facility to track invoice, manage the stock inventory, quote preparation, customer query identification, and many more exciting features. The easy configuration and user-friendliness make the software the best ERP system for any business size.

What is ERP?

The ERP software is an automated system to helps the businesses maintain records and inventory in a centralized format. It is designed to make the dull, risky, and accounting tasks fun, easier, and accurate. It helps a business to maintain various verticals of the company with ease of report generation and task tracking.

Some of the highlights of ERP functioning are:

  • All Invoices and Payments can be tracked.
  • Find out what quantity of what item is currently available in stock.
  • Track and identify all active customer queries.
  • Under HR Management system, manage payroll.
  • Assign responsibilities and tasks to staff and follow up on them.
  • Information of all your customers, suppliers and their contacts just a click away.
  • Prepare quotes and convert them to orders.
  • Under asset management, set reminders on maintenance schedules.
  • Integrate a self-managed website. And many other such features.

Why you should choose ERP solutions by GA Technocare Technology?

The software is developed by the experienced developers. It has been crafted keeping in mind the various aspects in which the SMBs have to deal, remove the dependency, and eliminate the errors in calculations..

Advantages over an accounting only software:

  • It can handle a lot more than just accounting.
  • It can manage order management, stock, billing, quotations, CRM, leads, payroll and much more..
  • All data is stored in a secure database and in one place. You don’t need to hunt for data across spreadsheets and different computers when you need it most.
  • All users get the same refreshed data all the time making all processes perfectly synchronized with each other
  • It organizes your business and makes you stop repetitive work like inputting information related to customers, products, and documents in various places all the time.
  • Now get the complete history of a customer, order, lead or deal at a glance.

Advantages over other large ERP system software:

  • Save your money.
  • Buying big modules which do everything and not usable for you is just an overhead.
  • Easy Configuration. Large ERP systems are hard to set up and configure and will give you thousands of questions before you can do something meaningful.
  • Easy to Use. The modern web-based user interface will keep users satisfied and in familiar territory.
  • Native Android app. Access the functions of the best ERP system on mobile phones.


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