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Our Top-rated DMS software is cloud and web based service that allows digital, electronic, and online document management system. Now store documents of your organization digitally over a server protected with a strong password.

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Document Management System Software

Automated, time-saving, and organised document management software

In a company with multiple departments and several employees, organising, sharing, managing, and recording the documents can be a time-consuming, cluttered, and dull task. In order to assist this mess, GA Technocare Technology has developed a document management system software. The software is highly capable of assisting to the requirements of small-scale, medium scale, or large-scale business. The online document management system helps in organising and managing the documents in the easiest way possible. The flexibility and user-friendly interface helps in swift uploading and sharing of the document among the employees. Also, security is ensured by offering authorized access of the user through login.

The DMS software has a pretty standard work process where the administration provide limited access to various users so that data can be distributed. It also supports real-time notification and monitoring power through the dashboard. The web-based document management system supports multiple edits, storage of several revisions at the same time, and makes the search easier and faster. The cloud-based document management system prevents the overhead server cost and allows the user to make edits from anywhere, provided he is an authenticated user. The system is highly secure and supports encryption of data so that interception does not give away information.

Features of the software:

  • Branch management
  • Profile management
  • User-management
  • Document management
  • Report generation
  • Category management

It is rated as one of the best document management system due to its powerful search feature, separate category formulation, and mobile accessibility. It offers multiple layer access with automated record management. The DMS software can be accessed from anywhere, thus, enriching the data sharing process. The 24*7 accessibility of the data with uncountable edits can save valuable time of the employees and increase their potential. Thus, leading to higher productivity. Any organisation can get the software by making a one-time investment. With full-access control, easy installation, quick browsing, and high-end security feature, the deal cannot get better than that.


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