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Our Top-rated DMS software is cloud and web based service that allows digital, electronic, and online document management system. Now store documents of your organization digitally over a server protected with a strong password.

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Document Management Software

Effortless storage and access of data files

Document Management Software is a computer based DMS that is easy to install and use. With this software, it becomes easier to manage customers better instead of getting over-engaged with paper-based chores. It is effective for any kind of organizations be it small, medium and large businesses. This software improves the way in which valuable documents are processed and managed. It brings peace of mind by saving time and money.

The simple interface and ease of use of this DMS software ensures high flexibility for any business to fulfill their document management needs. It allows adding any file to a system by directly uploading without the need of an FTP. During upload, categorization of each file is ensured and overwriting edits is prevented. Documents are physically stored on servers and it matches company needs.

GA technocare technology has developed the Document management system and appeals to companies to use this software for proper management of their office files and documents. With the assigning of meta-data, file categorization, history maintenance, it is possible to keep a tab on all documents that are loaded on the DMS system.

After the file is uploaded, this software allows automated review process, file expiration, approval or rejection of new documents, email notification and a lot more. The system also enables quick search of files with author name, department, or category wise. Searches can also be pre-determined with meta-data, comments, category and file name. There is no need of any external indexing or processing.

The DMS software is useful for the following reasons:

It offers a secure URL feature

Full user access control

Department wise access control

Access types : Admin, User, Super Admin

Control size limits of files

Use of multiple languages on Document system applications


Easy installation

Quick browsing

Data files get stored after upload on this software. It serves as a reliable resource that can be trusted for reasons of uploading, storing, and accessing files with great ease. Files when accumulate on the database can be opened anytime to be brought to use.

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    Document Management Software


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