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A leading CRM Software that enables you in customer tracking, customer relationship management, client relationship management, and performing Cloud and web based CRM management activities; A truly dedicated way to manage contacts, store customer interactions, track deals and tasks, integrate email and social media, and queries of clients.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Technically advanced customer management software

GA Technocare Technology developed a customer relationship management software to helps the marketing and sales team to maintain the records. For any industry, their customers and information of clients is a treasure. With time and the company’s growth, it becomes difficult to keep track of the logs and also, the information tends to get lost or mingled up. The CRM software with CRM tools that facilitates the sales team to store the call logs, organise the pipeline, add notes as per convenience, track the calls, and maintain the calendar. With increased competition in every industry, IT solutions like CRM solutions help in gathering the team and manage the workflow.

The software application assists in planning and controlling the projects in a streamlined manner with a high level of transparency. The client relationship management software is a repository of all the history, present, and future information of any deal that has been made or in progress. It is a mine of emails, notes, proposals, trails, and queries that were involved while closing a deal or during the communication of the sales team with the customer. The CRM software helps in building a better relationship with customers, thus, promoting higher revenue generation. It also enables one to provide a comprehensive view of customer’s data and improves customer’s experience.

Features of the software:

  • Proposal management
  • Campaign management
  • Lead management
  • Reporting
  • Incident tracking
  • Secure and restricted accessibility
  • Round the access from anywhere
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Task scheduling

The web-based software is among the best CRM software that supports centralized recording of critical data with the authorized accessibility. The storing, tracking and queuing-up features help the marketing team to develop a healthier pipeline and build a stronger business. The startups, small-scale business, large-scale industries or an organisation with variable company size can make the best out of integrating this software. The reduced dependency and errors will help to build a stronger collaboration with the clients.

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    Customer Relationship Management


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