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We analyze clients & customers choice to improve business relationship with customer.

Customer Relationship Management

Goal Oriented Approach.

For achieving a competitive edge in the IT industry the important factors such as managing project efficiency, gathering departments and project teams in one network, and competent services to customers become an essential part. Customer Tracking Software assists in planning and controlling the projects in a well organized manner with high level of transparency. This software supports various kinds of projects & their different phases while managing and recording all the resources with time. It helps to generate leads, forecasts, reports by keeping entire details of potential & existing clients.

Considering it all, we at GATT, have a smart time recording feature for both customers & projects which records hourly rates, budget, remaining time, and much more for the excellent efficiency of a project. CRM Software plays a lead role in closing more deals with more effectiveness. It enables one to provide a comprehensive view of customer data and improve customer experience.

CRM system supports the organization to collect information about any customer on the go with efficient system solutions for iPad & smartphones. This service offers the common yet essential knowledge base – a central customer & product database. From these informative data, we can endow competent customer support via inquiries after internal or external sales services.

We Providing:

  • Focused campaigns
  • Customer Interaction
  • Proactive real market data
  • Informative data collection
  • Enhance sales effectiveness
  • Optimize offers, orders, and leads
  • "Management philosophy to ensure innovative & affordable customer service."
    Customer Relationship Management


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